Neuto Engine Decarbonisation

Neuto Engine Decarbonisation

Category               Repair & Maintenance

Suitable For          All Models

NEUTO is the smart multi-diagnostic tools that file engine data online while reviving engine performance with dry hydrogen therapy.

It can restores engine power and torque up to 20% with 10-20% and reduce emissions up to 90%.

NEUTO is a patented cleaning system that uses the science of reactive Dry Hydrogen to react with and remove carbon deposits at the intake manifold and the parts within the engine combustion chamber. Today’s fuel injected vehicles build up carbon deposits over time due to incomplete combustion and this results in loss of fuel efficiency, poor flow, rough idling, vibration and hesitation. The problem is especially pronounced on direct injection engines and performance engines.


Product Description

Today, I had the opportunity to experience this cleaning system, developed by Andy Low of Neutrinos Engineering, a Singapore company. The pre and post cleaning show the results that we wanted: an increase in HC (improved combustion), lower CO (incomplete combustion), higher CO2 (efficiency), lower O2 and the lamda sensor reverting to its optimal unity index. After cleaning, the car was quieter, accelerated smoother and felt like it just took a dose of Red Bull. Note that this is not so much a horse power increase but a restoration rejuvenation process, somewhat like a spa to the car’s heart and lu…