Grand Sport pad (1)
Grand Sport pad (2)

VTTR Grand Sport Pad

This product is base on sports version to strengthen the performance. To compare with Racing version brake pad, it is more friendly to rotor disc.

It designed for super high way and winding condition. Enable ease of reducing noise by cleaning wheel with water. Occasionally produces noise and particle.

In many years of marketing experience and use, this product is commercially available versions of the most popular and usage of the highest version, compared to the general Japanese car factory original brake lining can improve braking 10%~15%.

New development of composite materials for this brake pad can effectively reduce the Friction to brake disc, have occasionally abnormal sound and few dust. It is made without the asbestos material which is not suitable for water and high temperature and even have chance to lose the brake.


Product Description


Working Temperature50~500<Instant 550>

Friction Coefficient0.40~0.50<International Grade:GG>

Main MaterialNon-asbestos complex materials

AppearanceRose red with Stamp letters of VTTR GRAND SPORTS

  • When the brake pad occurs slightly noises (or some dust attached to the aluminum rim), please rinse the caliper and disc with water in order to remove the dust. It helps to improve the abnormal sound problem.
  • Patent of Sensor device: No. M334227