KSport_Rear Enlarged Discs


If the car is only installed with front multi-piston caliper, it will cause unbalanced brake force. We recommend you to install front and rear multi-piston caliper together to balance the brake force.

If you can’t purchase front and rear multi-piston caliper at same time due to the budget or limit cost, you can choose this product and compatible with front multi-piston caliper to meet the requirement of brake balance.

The enlarged rotor of this product is two-piece design. The aluminum center bell (A6061 T6) is precisely made by CNC and lowers the loading of unsprung weight.

With the enlarged diameter of the rotor, it increases the brake torque, improve the brake force effectively and shorten the stopping distance.

Besides, by using hot dip galvanizing treatment on the appearance, it makes the rust-proof effect last longer and pleasant to look.

If a specific car model is not on our list, customization is available.

Drilled disc and slotted disc are available options for all enlarged disc and unit price is identical.

350mm rotor and bigger size all go with floating disc.


Product Description

When you place an order, please note that if OE disc is solid design, please choose our solid disc; if OE disc is vented design, please order our vented disc.