Brembo, AP, Alcon, Project Mu and Endless. These are some of the names that inevitably come up when the topic on high-performance braking systems is broached. These brands are highly looked upon by performance enthusiasts but they do not come cheap. In many cases, a set of front callipers, discs and lines will cost in excess of $4,000 and some applications can cost up to $6,000!

VTTR Ltd Co, a specialist braking systems and components manufacturer, started operation in Taiwan in 1996 in the last 10 years since; they have established themselves as one of regions most competent and established in the field of braking technology and manufacture. Besides a well-equiped factory, incorporating a research and development centre, staffed by expertly-trained personnel, VTTR Ltd Co also road tests their products and one of their test cars is a twin-turbo Nissan 350Z.

VTTR Ltd Co manufactures brake pads, brake disc rotors and complete braking systems for both street and race use. Their brake disc rotors can be employed for OE replacement, where the original size is maintained, or upgrades to larger size complete with mounting hardware, using the original brake callipers. Their brake pads, featuring a total of 5 different types, are so renowned that a top Japan performance tuner has contracted VTTR Ltd Co as a manufacturer. The possibilities are truly endless!

Top of the list of VTTR braking products are their 6-pot forged caliper kit that is must have for any big brake aficionado. This kit consists of:

T6 6-piston callipers which are forged from a block of A6061 aluminum alloy. Featuring a double seal design, this caliper is 3 times stronger than a die-cast or CNC-billet machined caliper.
Racing version brake disc rotors in one of two-piece design which is manufactured using FC-V Super Alloy. This unique alloy is super durable and it can withstand 900 degrees of heat with ease which is typical of the temperatures experienced during racing.
Brake pad which can be chosen from the Sport, Grand Sport or Racing version depending on application.
Stainless steel braided brake lines.
Chromium-plated CNC mounting brackets and adapters.

This kit is one of a few available that can be used on a wide range of cars including superminis such as the Jazz, Swift and Getz (286mm rotor size), medium-sized family sedans, hatchbacks and MPVs such as the Civic, Focus, Lancer, Corolla Altis and Wish (300-302mm rotor size), and the larger sedans and performance cars such as the Accord, Mazda6, Cefiro, GS300, 5-series, A4, S60, WRX and Evo (330-355mm rotor size). Prices range from just $1800 to $2800.

Look out for VTTR Ltd Co latest offering - the King Size 8-pot forged caliper lit which will be available soon.

For more information on VTTR products, contact sole distributor Racing Technology Exhaust System Pte Ltd at Tel: 6844 4644

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