Racing Technik Exhaust Specialist (RTES) or RaceTechas it is commonly known to performance enthusiasts, a well-known and respected name in the ever-burgeoning automobile aftermarket industry.

RTES sells a wide range of motorsports products, which are ably installed by their team of well-trained staff. Armed with comprehensive product knowledge and competent skills, RTES's staff are able to listen to a customer's request, explain to him which are the best products for their needs and then professionally install them at their spacious and well-equipped workshop. Customer satisfaction comes first at RTES and they strive to always give their customers, the best value for money products and services, backed by excellent aftersales service.

Besides providing bread-and butter services such as general car servicing using Shell Helix, and computerised four-wheel alignment using Hunter Pro, RTES is a favourite haunt for performance enthusiasts looking for the something extra to transform their cars into speed machines with the handling to match - for street and for track.

Engine modifications including installation of performance components; braking modifications such as larger brake disc rotors or full upgrades to 6-pot calipers with slotted brake disc rotors; chassis modifications comprising installation of strut bars, control arms and even Autofoam; and last but not least, suspension modifications such as 'lowering' the car using Tein lowering springs or a full set of coilovers from BC Racing coilovers, are some of the services available.


Specialising in chassis components such as strut bars, under chassis braces and anti roll bars, Summit Racing has gained a foothold in this highly-competitive market with their attention to quality and performance. Characterised by their trademark orange paintjobs, Summit Racing products are manufactured using aerospace grade materials and high tech manufacturing methods to ensure that they are not only structurally strong but lightweight as well.

Reinforced chassis components such as engine mounts, upgraded suspension products and stabilisers links are Hardrace's specialty. Their engine mounts reduce engine vibrations and the rubber used is much stronger than those used in manufacturing OE ones. Suspension components such as their suspension links help a car resist rolling when cornering while steering response and feel is improved as well.

VTTR loves big brakes! Manufacturers of braking components such as brake disc rotors, brake pads and full brake systems; VTTR is especially noted for their high-performance 6-pot and 8-pot braking systems. These systems comprise of large brake callipers manufactured from aluminium alloy, and brake disc rotors which feature full steel construction. The big brake systems come with brake disc rotors which are 330mm to 355mm in diameter and these are suitable for wheels with a diameter of at least 17 inches. The smaller systems feature smaller brake disc rotors of 282mm to 303mm diameter for wheels sizes which are either 15 or 16 inches.

High-quality and excellent-performing coilovers are BC-Racing's speciality. Their coilovers feature 32 levels of design, ride height adjustability and pillow ball upper mounts. Install these on your car and handling and roadholding will improve dramatically. Damping adjustability means that you can tune your car for street or track use, giving you 'two' cars instead of one!

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